Fireplace Inserts and Wood Stoves

The Chimney Sweep LLC sells and installs fireplace inserts and wood stoves in the Four States and Joplin, Missouri. As your local experts in fireplace and chimney design, maintenance, and safety, we guarantee your satisfaction with all fireplace and wood stove installations!

Fireplace Inserts and Wood Stoves

Do you have an outdated or inefficient fireplace? Or maybe you don’t have a wood heat source at all. The Chimney Sweep LLC sells and installs fireplace inserts and wood stoves. Here are some reasons to consider hiring The Chimney Sweep LLC to install a new wood heating system for you:


Many old fireplaces tend to use a lot of wood and don’t add much heat to the home. Fireplace inserts and wood stoves use less wood and produce more heat than many older fireplaces do.

Lower heating costs

A fireplace insert or wood stove can significantly lower your winter heating bill by supplementing your main furnace system and may even void the need to use the furnace at all! A wood burning system is warmer than a gas furnace and far surpasses the heating ability of an electric furnace. The cost effectiveness of operating a wood heating system is not even comparable to that of an electric furnace.

Emergency Heat

We all know what the winter weather can be like in this part of the country. If the electricity goes out, so does your furnace. While fireplace inserts and wood stoves utilize fans, they still generate vital heat during a power outage.

Warranty Protection

Many fireplace manufacturers require that professionals install their products to maintain the warranty. If you install the fireplace yourself or hire an unqualified individual, you may void the warranty, which can be costly if you encounter problems down the road.

Prevent Costly Mistakes

Fireplace installation is a complex task that requires precise measurements and careful attention to detail. Mistakes made during installation can be expensive to correct. Hiring a professional from the start can help prevent costly errors.
At Chimney Sweep LLC, our mission is to help keep you safe and warm!

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